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Frisky Kids - Enchanté (Won’t You Come Around)

Open track of garage rock band Frisky Kids’ debut EP, The Beach EP, self-released on April 2014. Frisky Kids are Cal Um, Alex Parmentier and Matisse Gill ...Read more

Filter Free Rodeo - Can You Feed My Hand?

Filter Rodeo are a very crazy trio. From Milwaukee and consisting of Phil Hoge, Evan Kotlowski and Jash Campbell, the band have plenty of ideas ...Read more


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The Cabana Kids - Just Let Me Know

The lead single of New York based indie pop band, The Cabana Kids. Taken from their debut EP “The Birds & The Bees”, 

available on October 7th via Small Plates Records. Links: Facebook  |  Twitter


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Johnny Marr - Easy money

Johnny Marr is back with a new single, "Easy Money", taken from his forthcoming second solo album "Playland", out on October 4th. Video directed by David Barnes.

Girlfriends & Boyfriends - A Flower

First single from Girlfriends & Boyfriends debut album, released on July 29th, 2014 on Manimal Vinyl. Video directed by Wayne Moreheart. G&B are a new wave trio from Vancouver.

Southern - Where I Want To Be

Southern released the video for their new sinle “Where I Want To Be” (Marathon Artists, August 8 2014). Southern are brother and sister Thom and Lucy Southern and Eoghan Clifford. 

Primetime - Tied Down

Claudia, Flora, Lucy and Maria are a London punk trio. Their debut 7” EP is out now via La Vida Es Un Mus Records. Video directed by Roxanne Clifford.


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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Ryan Adams - Gimme Something Good

Ryan Adams is back with a new work and video. Very different sound to what we are used to, but really good as all what he does. I had once the opportunity to see him playing live, in LA at the Walt Disney Concert Hall (read the review) and I can say that Adams is one of those few artists that could work on any genre and he will sound great. Ryan Adams’ self-titled album is due out Sept 9th via Pax-Am. Video directed by Michael Reich.


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Black Lizard - Burning EP

Full album stream

Nothing But Hope And Passion - Dreampop

Full album stream


   The Time Machine                                                                                                                                        ENTER


 THE TIME MACHINE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes (1980)

Ashes to Ashes was released in 1980. It made No. 1 in the UK and was the first single from the Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) album, it is noted for its innovative video, directed by Bowie and David Mallet.

The 80's Gallery  This week we travel to the 80's


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Nolita View - Fall In

The first video for Nolita View's single "Fall In" from their third EP "Live In Line", self-released on February 20th, 2014. Video edited by the band ...Full article

CAMP STAG - Leviathan Swims

Taken from their forthcoming EP 'Leviathan', recorded, mixed and mastered at UTC Studio, Stoke-on-Trent. CAMP STAG will be playing.  ...Tour Dates


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