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3 years running and more than 25 participating bands. Apply

 Who qualifies? Unsigned bands or artists from any country with at least 1 EP published (official release not needed). Read more

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NEW SINGLE PREMIERE: Lake Effect - Television

Indie Rock band Lake Effect are back with “Television" the first single of their upcoming second EP "Childhood”. The band will be releasing a collection of three EP’s (Childhood, Adolescence, Failure) In the forthcoming months. STREAM, READ THE ARTICLE

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Fuck Monkey's Pick Of The Bunch - 5

Featured bands and artists:

Fuck Monkey's top 5 for this week are:

Black Submarine, Wish, Flyte,

DZ Deathrays and  Birth Of Joy.

Read more

Bloody Thursdays! 4

Lily & The Parlour Tricks, Night Flowers, Japanther, Katie Bulley, Secret Colours, Tashaki Miyaki, NO, FALD, Virginia Labuat, Os Dentes de Rubel

Read more

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STREAM & DOWNLOAD: Tempura Nights - R.I.P. CHIX

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Call Me Lust - Your Touch

Call Me Lust are a 4 pice band form Thunder Bay in Canada. Read more

Stoney - We Belonged

Lead song from Stoney's new album "More Than Animals". Read more

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal

If you have a cat and a good track, there you go, you have a video! Sunbathing Animal is taken from the album of the same name, out June 3rd (US) and June 2nd (UK). Video directed and produced by Andrew Savage and Andy Capper. Link: Sunbathing Animal

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STREAM: Geppetto & The Whales - Heads Of...

STREAM: Muñeco - Ocurre

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Pick your decade and a trip back in time will be waiting for you. Enter in The Time Machine...

TIME MACHINE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Green Day - Basket Case (1994)

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 The latest Monkey's Music Box 6 is now available to stream with full tracklist here

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Andrew Bird gig poster by Aesthetic Apparatus

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