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Jungle Bands 2012

Indie Rock/Kraut | Spain: Muñeco

Muñeco is a five piece indie rock band from Barcelona founded in 2011. Their music is a fusion of indie rock, krautrock and some bits of soft psychedelia in a harmonic sound well composed and perfectly played. The band just released their self-titled debut EP, a starting point of a work to keep in mind. This band is going to give us very good moments for sure. Listen to them!

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Muñeco Links:


Indie Rock | Canada: Gdansk

Gdansk is the music project founded by Canadian multi-instrumentalist Timothy Mann and the musicians Ian KennedyJamie Ball and Tom Lang. This 4 pieces band with influences by Radiohead, The Antlers or Brian Eno just released their debut selftittle EP Gdansk and is already working on new material. Their music is introduced by different layers of electronic and rock sounds and then lidered by Timothy's voice and lyrics. The result is brilliant and I have the feeling that this band will arrive, I hope and I wish, very far. Read more

Gdansk Links:


Indie Pop/Rock | UK: Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal is the perfect example of a music band in which every song, every detail and every step has been carefully worked. Their music, lyrics and performances combine, with extraordinary coherence, open atmospheres full of hope and happiness, with the dark worlds of an Ingmar Bergman inspiration. An excellent English band from Rochester to follow and discover.

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Indie Rock | USA: Burning Jet Black

Burning Jet Black is not the new name of The Whiskey Saints. Burning Jet Black is a completely new music project by a 4 pieces band from Santa Monica, CA. Renovate or die? Not really. It is not even a renovated project. This is about the same people with new ideas and new inspirations. A change of direction because they really feel like doing it and the result is brilliant. Good bye The Whiskey Saints. Welcome Burning Jet Black.

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Indie Rock / Post Punk | Argentina: The Ocean

Indie rock band The Ocean is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a clear music influence by Radiohead, Interpol or U2, the band just released their debut EP “1.0 ANSIA” including 6 tracks with a big dose of post punk music. Read more

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Singer-songwriter | UK: Johnno Casson

Johnno Casson is a singer songwriter from Colchester, England. After several years playing with the band Snippets, Johnno has departed for a solo project in which he gives us his particular view of a personal world. Sometimes funny, other times romantic and melancholic, Johnno is presenting his debut album “Window Shopping” an album with different shades where the singer's experiences are introduced gradually. Read more

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Indie Rock/ Punk | Argentina: Acid Caramels

Acid Caramels, a bitter combination of rock, punk, pop and dirty garage giving a retro perspective of the new music scene.  Clear classic influences are mixed with modern trends with a peculiar integration of different genres and their own style. Test Transmission, their debut album, is available for free download at Soundcloud. 

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Best Jungle Indie Rock Band 2011


NEUMAN (Murcia, Spain - Indie Rock) was selected by 17 jury members as the Jimdo Indie Rock Music 

Band of the Year 2011

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Jungle Bands 2011

[American Folk Rock] - Pennan Brae

With an American folk rock style, Pennan is a Canadian singer and songwriter, prototype of the musician who believes in his work and feels confortable with what he does. His Music is simple, romantic, regardless of fashion, taste and criticism. Penan does what he likes, and he does it good. Song by song, video by video, this Vancouver based musician has personally gain me with his originality and a human music that makes me to feel good.

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[Indie Folk Rock] - Neuman

Neuman is a folk rock band from Murcia with hints of post-punk style. With a touch of melancholy, their melodies are wrapped by only a piano, a guitar and drums. Extended themes where the intermediate and final parts of the composition always acquired more weight than the voice. The voice, warm and sensitive runs through a frame of emotions that are transmitted by a descriptive language that moves you on every note, every minute. Read more

[Indie Rock, Post Punk] - Ambros Chapel

Ambros Chapel is a band from Valencia. Singing in English and with a clear influence from Bowie and other bands like Suede and The Cure, their music is very instrumental, but very alive and it captive you very quickly. Ambros Chapel is a indie rock band that I can not stop listening.

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[Indie Pop] - Land Lovers

The Dubliner band Land lovers come to us with a pop music style that  far from been something standard they however involve  a return to a well done pop, with simple songs but full of harmony, very melodic and catchy. Land lovers have undoubtedly  in their roots the legacy of this country, Ireland, a country that have given us so many good musicians.

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[Indie Pop, Folk] - Hypocrite in A Hippy Crypt

Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt is a indie pop band from Bloomington, Indiana. Band members are still very young and they prefer to stay as anonymous, that not unknown. We know them, we respect the way they present their work and we like them. Their sound is fresh, I would say in the line of "Cage The Elephant", but they refer an influence of Weezer, Beach Boys or Elliot Smith. We hope that they continue forming themselves on the music and that one day they break that shell and offer us that kind of music that makes people so happy. So we wait for you guys!

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[Indie Rock] - Kenedy

With an acoustic base and a very nice voice, of different shades, sometimes slightly shy, sometimes very sensitive, Kennedy is a Spanish band based in Seville, who sings in English. Musical themes made with very good taste that grow and develop without following the typical compositions of verse and chorus. Their tracks are very elaborated, impeccable and very rich. A band that set very high standards for bands that are already famous in the Spanish independent scene, but that they should learn from this band at least to sing and at most to compose.

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[Indie Rock] - King Sparrow

I have always liked bands leaded by a powerful drums, bands that make you to feel alive. But if you add to this the same energy for the guitar, an according bass, great tracks and stylish singing, there you are, you get King Sparrow. What are you waiting for? Go listen to them!

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[Indie Pop] - Louisiana

Louisiana is a band from Zaragoza that has just released their first album. With a meticulous composition and lyrics, the sound of Louisiana develops and grows throughout the album, following a melodic thread that leads you and wraps you with the singer voice all over the disc.

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[Experimental punk/jazz] - Bunk Jumpski

Bunk Jumski, original name, original band and original beginnings. May be the fact that they all met in a car accident and transformed this situation into a positive project defines the sound of this experimental punk band. With a touch of jazz from thie saxophonist, these 4 boys from Minneapolis have fresh compositions and like to record them as a wild raw music. Read more

[Indie Rock] - A Lazarus Soul

Influenced by The Fall, in A Lazarus Soul we find rooted the meaning of what making music is and having your own project. For this Dublin band, it is not enough to compose, to perform, or, as many other bands justify, just having fun. A Lazarus Soul understands music as a very personal way to contribute with something. It is a music born from the deepest part of themselves, a music made from the inside.

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[Indie Rock] - Radical Dads

Lindsay, Robbie and Chris are the members of the three-piece Brooklyn based indie rock band Radical Dads. With influences from Sonic Youth to Pixies and Built to spill, Radical Dads will release their first studio album Mega Rama very soon. An album that will catch you from the first track to the end, a first time first love album!

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[Electronic Indie Rock] - Hang Glider

Hang Glider is LA musician Mike Puretz’s project and his self titled EP is his first published work. This is an exceptional work, in which the rhythms are introduced in different layers, arranged trough a sweeping weave that drags you into the center of the composition. The final touch is given by the voice, echo, chorus and lyrics in an elegant atmosphere and great dynamism.

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[Indie Pop] - The Mare

Kind sounds like an updated flashback to the 70s sometimes, or 80's Britpop in their funiest songs. This is how  the Swedish band formed by Charley, Pontus, Anders and Daniel sounds, who in 2011 became the first signing to new record label Leopard Up A Tree.

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Best Jungle Indie Rock Band 2010

Goodnight Lights (Philadelphia, Indie Rock)

was selected by our readers as the Jimdo Indie Rock

Band of the Year 2010

See votes and results here

Jungle Bands 2010

[Indie Rock] - Estereotypo

Estereotypo is a indie rock band from Santander (Spain). With influences from The Faint to Muse, they have released a impeccable  album this year, Love Your City (Astro Música 2010).

Enjoy the band!

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[Rock] - Rosebud

Rosebud is an independent rock band, with classic shades, hard strokes and underground roots. After a progressive path and different alignments in the band, Rosebud gets the typical sound earned from their effort on stage.

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[Rock, Noise] - 3mellizas

Three boys, 3 Twins Sisters (3 Mellizas). Juan, Jorge and Pedro are the components of this group from Zaragoza and based in Barcelona. A band of risky compositions where improvisation and creativity are mixed with ingenuity. 3mellizas elevate their music to an advanced level not suitable for dead easy tastes.

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[Experimental, Indie] - Christine Owman

Christine Owman is a Swedish songwriter, singer and instrumentalist that has also founded her own record label, Revolving Records. With a dark shade and highbrow atmosphere, Christine's music runs elegantly over the depths of emotions, with both experimental and classical melodies. A music to get away from the aseptic indifference of our days.

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[Indie 60's Pop Rock] - Deep Sea Arcade

Deep Sea Arcade are a indie pop rock band from Sidney, New South Wales, Australia. With influences from the 60's and the Madchester scene, the band has a well defined sound and are ready to release their first studio album.

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[Indie Pop] - San Leon

Freshness, talent and imagination are the predominant notes of this indie pop band based in Barcelona. Led by singer Aldo Comas, they release their first studio album Bits & Pieces, a revelation in our music scene. They can´t have a better start.

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[Pop Rock] - LU-K

LU-K is band from Valencia (Spain) that makes a melodic pop rock with a strong influence of groups of the last 2 decades. After  release their first work "El tiempo pasa " (2007) they present their new EP " Dias extraños " by The Blind Records produced by the Blind Joes (Cat people, Love of lesbian, Sidonie, Vinodelfin).

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[Indie Rock] - Big City

Javier Vicente, Miguel Yrureta, Hugo Lasala, Borja Lasala and Francho Perez are the band members of Big City. Formed in the spring of 1999, this Zaragoza-based band just released their third LP on the tenth anniversary of the first gig of the group.

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[Indie Rock] - Goodnight Lights

Formed in the summer of 2007, Goodnight Lights is a Philadelphia based band 

Winners of our band of the year contest in 2010, Goodnight Lights returns with a new album to share with our community. This indie rock band from Philadelphia regularly plays local venues such as World Cafe Live, The Khyber, Johnny Brenda’s, The Fire, and The “M” Room. The band released their self-titled debut album on April 2009, followed by the a second album, "Electric Spark", in 2010. Their new work "As Far As The Moon" is now available for free at their website.

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[Hip-Hop] - CL Sosa

CL Sosa is a rapper from Clifton, New Jersey. His music takes influences from Brooklyn, Early 90's hip-hop instrumentals, The fireworks scene in "The Sandlot", Evan williams whiskey, and The Jesus & Mary Chain. Sosa is working on his first single A song for our fathers with the B side Good things never last, produced by Ryan Stewart (Stewrat).

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[Garage Rock] - Sexy Neighbors

Felix Gottdiener, Margie White, Chen Young-Loc and Nima Jahromi are the members of this Brooklyn-based garage rock band, Sexy Neighbors. With influences from Stones to Architecture in Helsinki, the band has a particular own sound that they describe as a modern update of classic garage rock. Their first studio album, Sexy Neighbors, released in May 2010 with King's Highway Records.

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